Product List
PSP Craft Paper Sheet
Phenolic Paper Sheet
Phenolic Cotton Sheet
3240 Glass CLoth Sheet
Phenolic Glass Cloth Sheet
G10 Sheet EPGC201
FR4 Sheet EPGC202
G11 Sheet EPGC203
FR5 Sheet EPGC204
GPO3 Sheet UPGM203
G7 Silicon Sheet
G5 Melamine Sheet
Antistatic Sheet
Semi-conductive Sheet
Laminate Sheet Part
Fish Paper/PET Composite
DMD 6630
Prepreg DMD
NMN NPN 6640 Nomex®
NHN NKN 6650 Nomex®

Laminate sheet can be devided into rigid laminate sheet and flexible laminate sheet. offers different kind of rigid and flexible laminate sheet. Our laminate sheet can be widly used in the morden electrical and electronic industry.

Rigid laminate sheet mainly use the paper, cotton cloth and glass cloth coat with different type of chemical resin then laminate under heat and pressure. The PSP craft paper sheet can be used widly making the die-cut parts, insulation gaskets. The phenolic paper, cloth sheet, G10 FR4 glass cloth sheet and GPO3 is used as the stucture insulation in motor, transformer,generator , switch, bus bar. The paper sheet and glass cloth sheet also can laminated by copper clad layer that to making the XPC and FR4 copper clad laminat sheet. We also offer some special rigid laminated sheet for the arc resistance and static resistance.

Flexible laminate sheet can easily bend. It is mainly be used in the slot insulation in the motor, generator from B to H class. The most important problem of flexible laminate sheet is the delamination. We can promise that our DMD FDMD NMN NHN has no problem on that. We also offers the prepreg DMD wich is used in the dry type of transformers. It is used durring the VPI process. After VPI process, the transformer can work steady at any strict conditions.

Laminat Sheet Insulation Parts Tube & Rod offers the insulation part machining. We have different kind of machine tool can punching, sanding, drilling, milling. We also have the CNC center for the complicated parts. You can just offer your request of material and the final drawing that we will offer you one-step solution. also offers the solution of mould pars. We offer different dimeter of rods and tubes made of the the same material of laminate sheet that you can choose according to your request. If you have speical request of molding, we also can making speically for you. has many senior enginners which has been worked in the insulation material and machining for many years. We think our professional experience on this area will be more helpfull on the material choosing of the new production develoment.

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